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County Kildare
Kildare History & Society

Interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish County

Kildare cover
William Nolan, Thomas McGrath (editors)

ISBN: 978-0-906602-57-7
160x240 mm, c.800 pages, hardback
Extensive figures, plates & illustrations
Published Dec. 2006
RRP: €60.00

Out of Print

This is the seventeenth volume in the Irish County History & Society series.


John McKenna: Foreword.

Patrick J. Duffy (NUIM): The territorial identity of Kildare’s landscapes.

Padraig Clancy (Margaret Gowen Consultants): The Curragh: a prehistoric landscape.

Gillian Barrett (Wolverhampton): Discovering Kildare’s ‘Hidden’ landscapes: archaeological air survey, 1989-2000.

Cathy Swift (NUIM): Brigid, Patrick and the kings of Kildare, AD 640-850.

Emmett O’Byrne (UCD): Conflict and change: the Irish of Kildare 1000-1269.

Michael O’Neill (Architectural Historian): The medieval parish churches of Kildare.

Colm Lennon (NUIM): The FitzGeralds of Kildare and the building of a dynastic image 1500 -1630.

Steven G. Ellis: Bastard feudalism and the Kildare rebellion, 1534-35: the character of rebel support.

William Nolan (UCD): Kildare from the documents of conquest: the monastic extents 1540 and the civil survey 1654-1656.

Thomas McGrath (TCD): Bishops of Kildare and Leighlin 1715-1819: pastoral, political, and educational contexts.

Toby Barnard (Hertford College, Oxford): Mrs Conolly and Castletown 1720-1752.

Mary Burke (St Patrick’s College of Education, Drumcondra, Dublin): Society and Settlement on the Drogheda estate in county Kildare, c.1750-1840.

Christopher Woods (RIA): Theobald Wolfe Tone and county Kildare.

Mario Corrigan (Kildare County Library): The battle of Rathangan, 24-28 May 1798.

Liam Chambers (UL): Patrick O’Kelly and the interpretation of the 1798 rebellion in county Kildare.

Arnold Horner (UCD): Developing the bogs of county Kildare: reports to the bogs commissioners 1809-1814.

Karel Kiely (Kildare County Library): Poverty and famine in county Kildare 1820-1850.

Con Costello (Kildare Archaeological Society): John O’Donovan’s Curragh.

William Nolan: The land of Kildare: valuation, ownership and occupation 1850-1906.

Frank Taaffe (Solicitor): Athy and the Great War.

Terence Dooley (NUIM): IRA activity in Kildare during the war of independence.

Liam Kenny (General Council of County Councils): Kildare County Council 1919-1921.

Brian Donnelly (National Archives Ireland): Local Government in Kildare, 1920-1970.

Maria Luddy (University of Warwick): Sources for the history of women in county Kildare.

Proinnsias Breathnach (NUIM) and Chris van Egerat (UCD): The equine industry in county Kildare.

David Gorry (Scoil Mhuire, Clane): Population in county Kildare – change, contrast and challenges.

Desmond Egan (Poet): Poem: Kildare

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Ireland’s thirty-two counties. Its landscape is characterised by small rounded hills, known as drumlins, interspersed with lakes. The hilly northwest of the county hosts a number of international tourism attractions including the Shannon Erne Waterway - Cavan flows north as well as south - and the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark. The Geopark, which straddles the land boundary between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, is recognised by UNESCO to have an exceptional geological heritage.

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with its own latitude and longitude but it also contributes to the narrative of our island home.

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