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Welcome to Geography Publications
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Founded in 1975, Geography Publications specialises in publishing books of Irish regional History, Geography and Biography

Geography PublicationsIts most ambitious venture is the publication of a County History and Society series, which will endeavour to assemble a library of county histories for all of Ireland. To date twenty-one counties are now completed. The most recent volume is Longford: History & Society.

Each volume in this series, by incorporating the work of outsider and insider, builds up comprehensive insights into the respective study areas. The individual books comprise a collection of specialist essays arranged chronologically and based wherever possible on the entity of the county. The volumes are profusely illustrated with maps and photographs.

Our History and Biography Series contains a vast array of books such as The Queen's Last Map-Maker: Richard Bartlett in Ireland 1600-3, John O'Leary: A study in Irish Separatism and The Golden Vale of Ivowen. Biographies cover major figures in Irish history such Thomas Davis, Daniel O'Connell, Fr John Murphy of Boolavogue, Maurice Davin First President of the GAA and John Sadleir M.P.

We are proud to say that we support Irish jobs and small enterprises by producing and manufacturing all our books in Ireland.

NEW PUBLICATION: At the Anvil: Essays in honour of William J. Smyth

At the Anvil: Essays in honour of Professor William J. Smyth was launched on 5th December 2012. This important collection of essays, by academics from Ireland and overseas, was assembled to highlight the enormous contribution made by Professor Smyth to third level education in Ireland and Irish society in general over a working career of unremitting endeavour.

At the Anvil brings together the work of three demographic cohorts of geographers – some, like Professor John Andrews, who were important influences on Smyth’s early thinking, others who were contemporaries and colleagues, and finally a younger group of researchers, a number of whom were his former students. Many of the essays build on topics which have been worked on by Willie Smyth, others extend to issues of broader concern to contemporary geographical studies in Ireland.

It is now available from all major bookstores or you can order directly from us. Just visit our online bookstore.

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Geography Publications is proud to announce that its titles are now available for purchase here online for your convenience! On the menu to your left, you can find a link to our Online Book Store, where you can find our History & Society series, History & Biography series and our Other Titles for sale. Payment can be made easily and securely through PayPal, using your credit or debit cards. Our online store books have a special reduced price for online purchases only. Don't forget you can still order direct from Geography Publications by email or phone.

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New Releases
In the Shade of Slievenamon - The Flying Column West Kilkenny 1916-1921

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Cavan History and Society
County Cavan in the north midlands of Ireland encompasses 193,500 hectares (478,148 acres) of land and water and is the nineteenth largest of
Ireland’s thirty-two counties. Its landscape is characterised by small rounded hills, known as drumlins, interspersed with lakes. The hilly northwest of the county hosts a number of international tourism attractions including the Shannon Erne Waterway - Cavan flows north as well as south - and the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark. The Geopark, which straddles the land boundary between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, is recognised by UNESCO to have an exceptional geological heritage.

This publication, the 23rd volume in the History and Society series, edited by Jonathan Cherry and Brendan Scott with series editor William Nolan comprises 29 Chapters on this wonderful county. It is a co-operative enterprise that brings together a range of specialists from within and without the county to present its story. All of them have endeavoured to strip away the layers of time and uncover the past in its multiple manifestations. It is the history of a specific bounded place
with its own latitude and longitude but it also contributes to the narrative of our island home.

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Mayo History and Society
The latest release from Geography Publications is the highly anticipated 22nd volume in the History and Society series, Mayo. Edited by Nollaig Ó Muraíle and Gerard Moran with series editor William Nolan the book comprises a series of narratives delivered through the diverse perspectives of a range of academics and local historians. This collection explores the historical, political, social and religious influences that have shaped and developed Mayo from pre-Christian times right through to the modern day.

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Travels of William Smith O'Brien in Europe and the Wider World 1843 to 1864
William Smith O’Brien is known in Irish History as the stand-offish if conscientious leader of the failed 1848 Rising. Recently discovered journals prove him a writer of exceptional interest. Both before and after his four and a half years penal exile in Tasmania, O’Brien proved a passionate European traveller and analyst of the conditions and policies of numerous countries. Not till the arrival of Garret FitzGerald in the 20th century was any Irishman so conversant with European political, religious and social developments. Both before and after his free pardon in 1856, O’Brien acted as an unofficial ambassador at large for his country, being honourably received by the President Buchanan of the United States of America, Marshal McMahon, later President of France, and Pope Pius IX.

The book covers tours in Tasmania –Australia 1849-53; Ceylon/India/Egypt 1854; Spain/France 1854; Brussels 1854-5; France/Italy 1855-6; Greece 1856; West of Ireland 1858; USA and Canada 1859; France/Spain/ Portugal 1860; France/Austria/Hungary/Northern Italy 1861; Italy/France 1862-3; Turkey/Romania/Poland 1863.

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